Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Wharf for Fishermen; and A Monkey that Sneezes

  Here are pictures I took while at the Fishermen's Wharf in Monterey. I love wharfs. They are cheerful places. In my book, wharfs are in the same category as summer fairs and carnivals.

      I know I have been talking about animals more then usual in my posts lately, and that trend is going to continue because I happened to learn about another interesting animal today! This animal was discovered by science in 2012 and it is called the Sneezing (Snub-Nosed) Monkey. The Sneezing Monkey lives in the forested mountains of Myanmar. Whenever it rains, the monkeys cannot help but to sneeze. Can you imagine walking through the forest during a rain storm, listening to the soft sound of pattering rain mingling with a chorus of monkey sneezes? The article I read does not describe the sneezes, but I imagine these monkeys have cute, lady-like sneezes. The reason the monkeys sneeze is because of their odd, flat noses. Their noses really don't have much of a shape, but look like to long nostrils in their face. The rain very easily drips into the Sneezing Monkeys noses and this is why they sneeze. The monkeys try to avoid this inconvenience by sitting with their head between their knees when it rains. But this also seems inconvenient. I would not like to stop what I was doing every time it started to rain in order to sit in an awkward and probably uncomfortable position. I feel a little bit bad for these monkeys. But I guess we all have our struggles. ( I found the information about the Sneezing Monkey at the ASU International Institute for Species Exploration website.)

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