Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Festive Fall Day in the Country

  Last weekend, I went to a pumpkin patch out in the country. It was a lovely excursion. I went with David and two of our friends to a place called The Farm which is in Snohomish. For anyone in the Seattle area, I would definitely recommend this place for your festive Fall needs!

  One of my favorite parts of the day was interacting with the farm animals! They were all so cute. The little donkey was my favorite! He stuck his head out of his paddock so my friend and I could pet him! He was a very affectionate little donkey.  I wanted to bring him home with me and introduce him to my cats as their new adoptive donkey brother.

Mr. Ed!?
Guess What? Chicken Butt!

   The Farm also had both duck and pig races. They were very laid back races and really just another excuse to 'ooooohhhh and awwww' over adorable animals. With the pig race, one big pig named George chased after all the littler pigs.
  The pale brown duck was my choice for the 'duck race winner.' He seemed very stoic and calm. I did not see who won the race though but I don't think it was the brown guy because he was the last duck out of the gate. Maybe he was too calm to be a true competitor.

   Here is another duck race contestant! 

   Here is George the pig! George was suppose to be chasing the little pigs, but it looks like the little ones are chasing George in this picture.

  We all got farm or Fall themed treats while at The Farm. I got a caramel apple! David got apple cider! Our friends got corn on the cob and apple donuts! There were apple orchards at The Farm, that is why apples were a prominent ingredient in many of the treats.
   Here I am proudly showing-off my delicious caramel apple. 

   David may just look like another Seattleite sipping on his espresso, but that is not espresso, that is apple cider!

   Exploring the pumpkin patch was especially fun, but also full of tough decisions. There were so many cool pumpkins, it was really quite difficult to narrow down which ones to bring home. I ended up with three pumpkins: a flattish orange one, a round green one, and an oblong bumpy one. I don't have pictures of them today to share, but after I carve them I'll show them here!

   After the pumpkin patch, it was off to the corn maze! To get to the corn maze entrance, we got to ride in a hay wagon pulled by a tractor. And of course a farmer wearing overalls and a straw hat was driving the tractor! This was my first experience with a corn maze and it was so much fun. It is a bit surreal to be wandering through a maze of tall, tall plants. While wondering though the maze, I thought of that great Twilight Zone episode where the creepy little boy 'sends people to the cornfield.' There is something delightfully eerie about being in the middle of a field of corn.

   The corn maze had a couple of different areas that had stairs to climb so maze-wanders could see the maze from above!

  At one point, we found goats in the middle of the maze! It was an awesome surprise!

  Right before we left, we befriended this sweet little tabby.


Marieken Hoefnagel said...

I love the goats and donkey! And I've never seen pumpkins that big over here.

Amber said...

The goats and donkeys were so cute! There were even bigger pumpkins that I didn't post pictures of. They were in a different patch that I don't think was open to the general public but we passed it while on the hay wagon. These pumpkins looked to be the size of a bean bag chair! (maybe a little smaller.)