Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Statue Man

    On Sunday I went downtown to meet a friend. I hopped onto the bus, found an empty seat and drifted off into my thoughts. About two stops after mine, a very interesting fellow entered the bus. Usually when I say I see or meet an 'interesting fellow' on the bus, this is code for creepy or shady or awkward. But this guy was legitimately interesting! He was dressed up like a living statue! His costume was so impressive. The texture of his clothes did not look like fiber, but like weather worn metal. He was attentive to detail with his revolutionary war outfit which is commonly seen on city statues. His outfit even included those green streaks notorious to outdoor statues. On the bus, I sneakily took a photo of him. I was disappointed to see that my stealthy photo taking resulted in a lousy photo that did not do the statue man much justice. But he is wearing sunglasses in this photo, which I think is funny. It feels like a treat or a secret to see street performers when they are out of character but still dressed for their character.

   I was going to be early to meet my friend, so I got off the bus a couple of stops before I needed too so the extra walking could eat up some time. As I stepped off the bus I wistfully thought of the statue man and how I wished I would see more odd but harmless characters on my bus. I figured I would probably never see the statue man again..
   Again, I slipped into my thoughts as I walked toward the aquarium where I was meeting my pal. When I got to the aquarium, I saw a most delightful sight! It was the statue man! What a wonderful coincidence that he happened to set up his street performance act right where I was planning on going. And I was still early despite the extra walking time, so now I had something particularly interesting to look at while waiting.
   I was certainly not the only one who was endeared by this statue man. He drew quite a crowd of merry tourists. They laughed and snapped pictures as he stood tall and proud. He occasionally shifted his position which further delighted his audience.

   When my friend rounded the corner and greeted me I told him eagerly about this impressive statue man. But soon we were in the aquarium with our minds focused on other amazing sights.
   At the last aquarium exhibit, I heard thunder booming otuside. So I was not surprised that by the time we left, the statue man was gone. He can't have the rain revealing that underneath it all, he is really just a man. Once again, I figured I would never see statue man again. Which was a disappointment because I never really got a good picture of him. So no matter how much I claimed to have seen the most realistic looking statue man ever, I could never prove it with photographic evidence.... like seeing Bigfoot just as your camera runs out of batteries. (Woah, that line sounded like it belonged in a particular Alanis Morissette song!)
   After the aquarium, my friend and I wandered around Pike's Place Market and went to a sandwich shop there for lunch. When we were done with lunch and walking back toward our bus stops, I saw the statue man one last time! And I was finally able to get a good picture of him! See! He really look's like a statue!

   I wonder what this statue man does when he is not a statue. My guess is that he is a college student, studying in the theater department. He is very committed to his craft so in his off time, he gain's experience by preforming on the street. Maybe he doesn't even stick to the same gig. Sometimes he might be a mime, or maybe he recites monologues. Maybe I will see an amazing street performer next time I go downtown and I won't even know it is statue man! 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

If you ever see Statue Man again you should interview him for your blog :)

Marieken Hoefnagel said...

How much fun that you ran into him three times! And that you got to take a good picture :-)

Autumn Elixe said...

What a great picture-story. I liked it that we the readers had to wait with anticipation to see whether or not we'd be able to see a good pic of statue man. And wow, what a great statue he made!

Amber said...

Keith- Yeah, I bet he would have some interesting stories about the things he see's while being a statue.
Marieken- I know! I felt pretty lucky!
Autumn- Thanks! Yeah, he did make a pretty amazing statue!