Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The 'Ocean's Ahoy Traveling Circus Brigade' Uses an Unusual Method of Transportation

Here is an illustration I finished recently of an unusual traveling circus troupe.

    The 'Ocean's Ahoy Traveling Circus Brigade' is a nautical themed circus troupe that travels to seaside villages around the world in order to preform their magical feats of wonder. The four circus performers are Lucia, Marco, Annabeth, and Jackson. They met years ago while sailing on a ship together. The four became friends while sailing through a particularly treacherous part of the sea. The area was not treacherous due to poor weather or wild waves. The area was notorious for the gold-and-ruby-hungry-pirates that roamed the seas. These pirates were ruthless. The peg-legged crews of pirates were undeterred by their missing limbs. Rather, their lost legs and arms only reminded them how much they desired to plunder every passing ship. When a group of particularly loathsome looking fiends boarded the ship of the four circus friends, the rest of the crew were overcome with cowardliness. Everyone except Lucia, Marco, Annabeth and Jackson jumped into the water and swam to safety. But the only four brave members of the ship refused to back down. They tried their hardest to fight off the pirates. Just when they thought they were going to lose the fight, a giant pelican swooped down from the sky. The pirates screamed as the pelican scooped the mangled men into his mouth. He then spit the pirates into the sea. The pirates of course were too frightened to ever plunder again. Lucia, Marco, Annabeth and Jackson laughed as they sailed into the sunset away from the foul pirates.
  That night, the four friends and the pelican cooked a glorious dinner which they ate on deck under the twinkling stars. They recalled the excitement of the day which led to deeper discussions. Soon, they were recalling their childhood dreams. Although all four friends enjoyed the sea, they were shocked to discover that they all had the same childhood dream: to join a circus. The four friends had even each mastered a circus skill in preparation to fulfill the then unfulfilled dream of circus stardom. Lucia was a masterful contortionist. Her flexibility and limberness allowed her to contort into the most interesting of shapes. Marco was a strong man who could lift an object many times his own weight. Annabeth was a trapeze artist who loved to swoosh through the air on her flying swing. And Jackson was a juggler who could juggle hundreds of objects if he concentrated hard enough.
  So, now that the ship was missing a crew, the friends decided they would abandon their lives as sailors and fulfill their childhood dream of traveling with a circus. The pelican, who was always keen to travel, happily volunteered to be their transportation. Because they all loved the sea so much, they decided to incorporate the wonder of the ocean into their act. The four friends made audiences around the world delight in their circus acts.

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