Sunday, September 22, 2013

On A Lonely Road

    I was out of town recently visiting my family in California, and I took over a thousand photo's while on the trip! I will slowly share at least some of these photo's here. This first batch of photos are all taken from the car while traveling between the central valley and the bay area. Car photography is different then street photography because it involves a lot of luck and disappointment but also pleasant surprises. While moving at fast speeds, I have no chance to think about setting up my photo, and I have less control of the photo's composition. So it is lucky when I get a good shot. Sometimes while in the car I'll see something interesting and I'll think, 'I've got to get a photo of that!' but by the time I have grabbed my camera and turned it on, there is a likely chance I am already well past the interesting sight. This can be very disappointing. But when I happen to get a good shot it is extra exciting! Despite the perils of car photography I really like attempting to capture the interesting things a person can see while in the car. Although sometimes I decide to just leave my camera put so I can stare out the window and daydream with out the pressure of getting a good shot.
    The Central Valley looks very lonely while traveling in a car. There are great expanses of land with only farms and a house here and there. But probably the farmers like their solitary life styles. They like to get up early and breath the fresh air, and feel the morning sunlight on their skin. They like that all they can hear are the occasional hawk calls and the distant rumble of traffic. The farmers spend their time with seeds and plants, their family and their fellow farmers. Probably the farmers think cities are lonelier places, where you can pass a hundred people in a day and not say 'hi' to one of them.

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