Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lucky Books

(Wendel with a coat of fur made of sunlight, Roses the color of stubbed toes, Decayed leaf resembling an old map, sightless owl with orb eyes)

  Right before I left for vacation, I got two books from the library, both of which I was very much looking forward to. I put holds on both of these books ages ago when they were not yet out and only 'on order' at the library. So it was just good luck that I got both of them right before I left. A good book makes a plane ride far more enjoyable. The two books I got were 'Kind of Cruel' by Sophie Hannah and 'The Color Master' by Aimee Bender. I love both of these authors!

   I've gone on about Sophie Hannah before on this blog, so I won't do it again except to say that 'Kind of Cruel' was really good! I really can't figure out why some mystery books, while I like them, I can still easily put them down and get on with my life. While other mystery books, including all of Hannah's books, I cannot put down even when I know I should be doing other things! I recently read that Sophie Hannah will be writing new books for Agatha Christie's Poirot series. While I am excited to read more Poirot and I am happy for Sophie Hannah that she got the honor and opportunity to do so, I am also bummed! I want to read more about her characters but now she will be distracted by this new project. I will happily read the new Poirot books, but in the back of my mind I will be wondering about Simon and Charlie. Now I know how hardcore 'Song of Ice and Fire' fans feel when they complain about George R.R. Martin watching football instead of working on more books. (Although I think poor George R.R. Martin should be able to watch whatever he wants without being harassed.) Also, I probably should not complain myself because now I know that an author I love will be writing more mysteries.
   Aimee Bender is another author I love, but I especially love her short stories, so I was excited that her newest book was another collection of short stories. Her stories are just so beautiful and poignant and insightful and I could keep reading her forever and ever. I also love her stories because they are often odd and surreal and I love to have a bit of magic in the stories I read.

(Paintings of far-away places on a nearby wall in the coziest of coffee shops, two friends and two strange heads, a sea god in a sea of buttercups, reminders of the forest on cold city metal.) 


Marieken Hoefnagel said...

I love how that leaf looks! I love your idea of two weeks of snow :-) And spring immediately after that. As some sort of a reward.

autumn elixe said...

seems like a magical posting today. maybe it was how ghostly wendel looked. love those two live heads next to the 2 inanimate heads, sea god in buttercups. what an interesting neighborhood you have.27