Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

  When I was with my family in San Jose, we went downtown to the art museum. Right next door to the museum is a beautiful and elaborate Catholic church. We popped in to admire the stained glass and other ornate artwork within. It was so elegant and I can see why people feel calm and at peace in such places. It was very silent inside the church. But not that awkward, uncomfortable silence that makes a person want to fill the empty air with noise. It was a comforting, warm silence. Here are some pictures of the church.

  Near the art museum is the California seal. This seal is the source of one of my first tastes of utter disappointment. I was a kid in grammar school and my class was going on a school field trip to downtown San Jose. Our teacher told us of all the different things we would be seeing on our trip. I was most excited about seeing the 'great golden seal of California.' When we got to the seal and this is what I saw, I was a little bit heart broken. I had been expecting a different kind of seal, as in the sea mammal. I was imagining this great golden seal as being a miraculous and amazing creature. I saw him as a sleek, golden seal, shimmering in the sunlight. Maybe even all us children would be able to pat the top of his golden seal head.

    I didn't end up taking any photo's in the art museum because I never know what we are allowed to take pictures of in museums, so sometimes I don't bother trying because I don't want to worry about getting reprimanded. Every time I go to the San Jose Art Museum, I always have a good time. They always have new and interesting exhibits. This visit there was an Annie Leibovitz exhibit and a Hung Liu exhibit to name a few. At one point I was sitting on a bench next to my dad when a very petite and frail old woman sat next to us. She said to me in a hushed and slightly raspy voice "Your shoe is untied dear. You wouldn't want to fall." It is very sweet to know that kindly strangers are looking out for me! 


Marieken Hoefnagel said...

The church looks gorgeous, and I would be very disappointed too because of the seal!

Amber said...

Hahah! I know, it was so disappointing!