Friday, September 20, 2013

Bessie and her Elephant Friend Mabel Water the Rooftop Garden

Here is my last 'Summer' illustration of the season. I have 'Fall' illustrations finished that I will start sharing next. Even though I will miss sunny days at the beach, I am happy Fall is here.

    Bessie lives in a small house by the sea. She loves living by the sea, but she also loves flower gardens. Bessie has discovered that gardening on the seashore is especially difficult. One day she woke up to find all her flower's eaten by an otter that had wondered in from the sea. Another time, she found a bunch of hermit crabs using their tiny claws to snip the blooms from their stems. This was almost worth it because Bessie was able to watch a parade of small hermit crabs marching back to sea with tiny flower blooms in their claws. Another time, the wind had blown sand onto her garden so her flowers were hidden underneath a mound of sand. Who knew that seaside gardening could be rich with difficulty? Bessie realized that most of her gardening travails could be solved if only her garden was higher up and away from curious animals and runaway sand particles.
   Bessie was especially delighted because she did not even need to use a ladder to tend to her garden. Whenever she needed assistance reaching or getting to high places, she was assisted by her elephant friend, Mabel. Mabel was a runaway circus elephant. In her past, she use to have to dress up in a tutu and parade around an arena. Mabel found the whole ordeal humiliating. But one day in the dead of night, she sneaked away from the circus. After many days of walking, she ended at the sea. When she first set eyes on the sea, she felt relieved. The glittering sea made her feel like anything was possible, including a new life away from the circus. Mabel decided she would live on the shore. When Bessie found Mabel sleeping in the sand on a cold Autumn day, Bessie, a life-long bleeding heart, invited the elephant to live with her. Bessie has not had to stand on her tiptoes once since her elephant friend moved in.

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