Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Lucky White Pigeon

   Here are some more photo's I took on my Golden Gardens beach trip, in the non-sandy part of the park. I think that white pigeon permanently lives at Golden Gardens because I saw a white pigeon at this beach when I was there in March. I always like seeing oddly colored pigeons, since most of these birds look the same. I think that an oddly colored pigeon spotting should be one of those things that indicate good luck, like finding a four leaf clover. Or maybe we should all get a wish when we see a pigeon with strange coloring like we do when we see a shooting star.

    There is a comic book store in Wallingford that I was perusing recently, and even though I like the idea of supporting my local comic book store, I didn't buy anything. Instead I wrote tittles I was interested in reading on my phone and later I checked them out from the library. One book I checked out was called 'Only Skin' by Sean Ford.

   It was a really good read! It is an eerie, atmospheric mystery about strange disappearances in a small town. I definitely recommend it. It also got me in the mood to read more graphic novels, so I checked out a whole stack of them from the library!

  I am most excited about 'Interiorae' and 'The Underwater Welder.' But really I am excited to read them all.  Eventually I want to make a post of my favorite graphic novels, but until then, I'd love to get recommendations from other people! 

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Marieken Hoefnagel said...

Looks like a fun trip! Is that Madonna in that second picture? I recently discoved my library has a small selection of graphic novels.