Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Cloud Wrangler Sits Upon His Galloping Caterpillar

  Here is another illustration I made recently of a cloud-wrangling, caterpillar-riding cowboy (or since he is wrangling clouds instead of cattle...cloudboy).

   The dry, unforgiving heat of the desert can be torture to a plant. Without water to keep there leaves green and spry, they wither and fade. And it is not just the plants that suffer because of endless sun and desert heat. Humans and their animal friends depend on water too. In one small desert town, the townsfolk have been experiencing five years of absolutely no rain. Their water supply is about to disappear down some thirsty persons dry throat. They have prayed long enough for the rain to pour and replenish their vanishing water supply. They can no longer sit around passively. The town needs to take action! So they call the Cloud Wrangler. The Cloud Wrangler has a special skill. He can effortlessly usher even the most stubborn clouds to wherever he wants them to go. He goes to rainy climates and locks eyes with the clouds. With his confident stare and graceful finesse, he lassos the rain clouds and escorts them to the desert or other dry climates.
   The Cloud Wrangler use to preform his wrangling duties upon a horse. But even the fastest horse could not keep up with the speed he needed. If the Cloud Wrangler moves too slow, the clouds evaporate before he can bring them to the desert. But once, after saving a town from near dehydration, one of the children gave him a magical caterpillar. When he received the caterpillar gift, it just looked like an average caterpillar. The Cloud Wrangler assumed the child was being fanciful, the way most smart children are. But he took the gift graciously and even cared for the tiny creature, thinking it would be fun to see the caterpillar build his cocoon and emerge and a moth or butterfly. But the caterpillar never built a cocoon. Instead he grew bigger and bigger and bigger until he was the size and speed of three horses combined!
   After he retired his horse Sally, giving her to a kind little girl living on a farm, the caterpillar took up the old horses duties. Together the caterpillar and the Cloud Wrangler are unstoppable!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

A cloud-wrangling, caterpillar-riding cowboy...sounds like the next Marvel superhero!!

Amber said...

Haha! Maybe they should hire me to invent new superheros for them. That would be a cool job!