Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beach Day!

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Ces and I had a BEACH DAY!!! We went to Golden Gardens beach.

   Everyone loves the beach, from the very young to the very old.  I got an ice cream cone at a little fish and chips shop. While enjoying the cone, I sat a prime people watching window seat and watched happy beach goers drift by. There were merry little kids, excited to run down to the beach where they could splash in the chilly northwestern water. There was an old man, eager to relax on the sand while he stared off toward the horizon, remembering his days as an ace sailor when he was a young man in the 1940's. (or at least this is what I assumed their motivations were from my people watching perch...)

   I wish I was a shape-shifter, because then I would transform into a seagull to see what it felt like to soar above the water and feel the sea breeze blowing through my feathers. Everyday is a beach day for a lucky seagull.

   The people on this little boat were probably catching crabs for dinner.

   Here is the wharf where the fishermen patiently wait for the exciting nibble and tug of a caught fish.

   I had to stealthily take a picture of this couple because they were so bright!

   This was Ces's and my relaxation spot. We laid on towels and watched the water and soaked in the sun.  A group of frisbee players almost hit us in the head twice! But we left our beach day unscathed by errant frisbees.

   We walked along the shore and looked for rocks and shells and sea glass. We found a poor, mangled starfish that was still beautiful, even after it's gruesome death (probably perpetrated by a hungry seagull who was then startled during the act of consuming it's bounty.)

   Here are Ces and me! We had another beach day, just this last Sunday! We went to a different beach, Alki. I will share those pictures sometime in the future!

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