Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Cloud Wrangler Sits Upon His Galloping Caterpillar

  Here is another illustration I made recently of a cloud-wrangling, caterpillar-riding cowboy (or since he is wrangling clouds instead of cattle...cloudboy).

   The dry, unforgiving heat of the desert can be torture to a plant. Without water to keep there leaves green and spry, they wither and fade. And it is not just the plants that suffer because of endless sun and desert heat. Humans and their animal friends depend on water too. In one small desert town, the townsfolk have been experiencing five years of absolutely no rain. Their water supply is about to disappear down some thirsty persons dry throat. They have prayed long enough for the rain to pour and replenish their vanishing water supply. They can no longer sit around passively. The town needs to take action! So they call the Cloud Wrangler. The Cloud Wrangler has a special skill. He can effortlessly usher even the most stubborn clouds to wherever he wants them to go. He goes to rainy climates and locks eyes with the clouds. With his confident stare and graceful finesse, he lassos the rain clouds and escorts them to the desert or other dry climates.
   The Cloud Wrangler use to preform his wrangling duties upon a horse. But even the fastest horse could not keep up with the speed he needed. If the Cloud Wrangler moves too slow, the clouds evaporate before he can bring them to the desert. But once, after saving a town from near dehydration, one of the children gave him a magical caterpillar. When he received the caterpillar gift, it just looked like an average caterpillar. The Cloud Wrangler assumed the child was being fanciful, the way most smart children are. But he took the gift graciously and even cared for the tiny creature, thinking it would be fun to see the caterpillar build his cocoon and emerge and a moth or butterfly. But the caterpillar never built a cocoon. Instead he grew bigger and bigger and bigger until he was the size and speed of three horses combined!
   After he retired his horse Sally, giving her to a kind little girl living on a farm, the caterpillar took up the old horses duties. Together the caterpillar and the Cloud Wrangler are unstoppable!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Alleyway Wanderings

   Right now I am listening to Nina Simone because yesterday I watched both 'Before Sunrise' and 'Before Sunset.'  At the very end of 'Before Sunset' (Spoiler!), Jesse and Celine have a conversation about Nina Simone while listening to her and it made me want to listen to her too.  I have been wanting to watch both of the 'Before' movies for a while now, so I am glad I finally did. They live up to the hype too. Both movies are beautiful, refreshing love stories. I am excited to see the newest one now.
   Last time I was downtown I wandered through some of the alleyway's and took photo's. Alleyways are visually interesting, but often times they are stinky!

    I have seen two interesting things recently:

1. An adorable sea otter! He popped up from the murky blue water, and we locked eyes. I tried to convey with my stare the message of 'I'm a nice person, come closer little otter friend!" He was not convinced. He flared his big nose so his nostrils made two O's and let out a deep breath. Salty water dripped from his scruffy, whiskered face. And it all happened so quickly because the next thing I knew, he was diving back underneath the water.

2. A clown waiting for the bus. David and I were going to get lunch when we drove past the bus stop and saw the clown! He had curly blue hair, a brightly colored jump suit, big red shoes, a white painted face and a red nose! He was fully committed to his clown attire. David said "I wish we were on that bus!" and I wished the same thing. Those lucky bus riders were in for a treat! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Arthur Notices All The Stars Except for the One Right Behind His Shoulder

  Here is a picture I made of a starry scene.

       Every evening, Arthur brings his telescope to the roof of his house so he can view the beautiful constellations. He loves to look up at the cosmos and imagine what the universe is like a thousand light years away. Thorough his telescope, he studies the stars, admiring their twinkle and glow. But what he doesn't realize is that he is so consumed with the stars in the distance, that he can't see the star that is near by.
   Glenna, who use to live far into the bleak distance enjoys a hobby of observing humans. As a star person, she is accustomed to only spending her day's with other star people, and once in a while a moon person. She wanted to learn about other types of people. So though her telescope, she began to observe people on all the different planets. Her favorite planet to observe is Earth because the people of Earth are so odd to behold. When humans watch each other through telescopes, it is nothing but creepy. But when star people watch humans though telescopes, it is more of a curious, scientific investigation. But, unlike most scientific investigations, Glenna realized she had fallen in love with one of the human subjects she's been observing!
   This human subject is Arthur. She immediately felt connected to Arthur because they shared a curiosity in the universe beyond their own world. Glenna decided she would leave her comfortable spot in the sky to visit Arthur. But every time Glenna goes to meet him on the roof, he is so consumed with his investigation of the universe he sees through his telescope that he doesn't notice her. Glenna tries to clear her throat or introduce her self with a confident "Hello!" But every time she tries, she is seized with throat clenching shyness. Glenna doesn't know if she will ever work up the nerve to introduce herself to the object of her great affection.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A June Bug in July, and Reminisced About in August

   On Fourth of July I was celebrating at home when I went outside to see if I could see the fireworks. I had no luck in this endeavor because there were a bunch of trees in the way, but I did discover an interesting insect. He was fluttering around the light on the side of the house when I spotted him. I was trying to get a closer look at him when he landed on tree leaf. He must not have found his balance because he fell and plopped right in front of my feet. I was able to get a better look at him and I could see that this bug was a mystery to me. I went inside to get a jar, poked some holes in the lid, and brought the little fellow inside so I could get a better look at him. He is a large bug, about an inch long, and very unusual looking, especially with his flashy antennas. I have an insect identification guide, but the guide proved to be no help in discovering the identity of this little fellow. But with a quick internet search, David discovered the insects identity. He is a ten striped June beetle! I have heard of 'June bug' as a term of endearment, but I didn't know that June bugs really existed in the wild! After taking pictures of my June bug, I set him free and never saw him again. Maybe, next Fourth of July, I will hear a flutter of insect wings in the air. When I look up, I'll see my old friend the June Bug merrily flying amongst the tree leaves.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Lucky White Pigeon

   Here are some more photo's I took on my Golden Gardens beach trip, in the non-sandy part of the park. I think that white pigeon permanently lives at Golden Gardens because I saw a white pigeon at this beach when I was there in March. I always like seeing oddly colored pigeons, since most of these birds look the same. I think that an oddly colored pigeon spotting should be one of those things that indicate good luck, like finding a four leaf clover. Or maybe we should all get a wish when we see a pigeon with strange coloring like we do when we see a shooting star.

    There is a comic book store in Wallingford that I was perusing recently, and even though I like the idea of supporting my local comic book store, I didn't buy anything. Instead I wrote tittles I was interested in reading on my phone and later I checked them out from the library. One book I checked out was called 'Only Skin' by Sean Ford.

   It was a really good read! It is an eerie, atmospheric mystery about strange disappearances in a small town. I definitely recommend it. It also got me in the mood to read more graphic novels, so I checked out a whole stack of them from the library!

  I am most excited about 'Interiorae' and 'The Underwater Welder.' But really I am excited to read them all.  Eventually I want to make a post of my favorite graphic novels, but until then, I'd love to get recommendations from other people! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beach Day!

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Ces and I had a BEACH DAY!!! We went to Golden Gardens beach.

   Everyone loves the beach, from the very young to the very old.  I got an ice cream cone at a little fish and chips shop. While enjoying the cone, I sat a prime people watching window seat and watched happy beach goers drift by. There were merry little kids, excited to run down to the beach where they could splash in the chilly northwestern water. There was an old man, eager to relax on the sand while he stared off toward the horizon, remembering his days as an ace sailor when he was a young man in the 1940's. (or at least this is what I assumed their motivations were from my people watching perch...)

   I wish I was a shape-shifter, because then I would transform into a seagull to see what it felt like to soar above the water and feel the sea breeze blowing through my feathers. Everyday is a beach day for a lucky seagull.

   The people on this little boat were probably catching crabs for dinner.

   Here is the wharf where the fishermen patiently wait for the exciting nibble and tug of a caught fish.

   I had to stealthily take a picture of this couple because they were so bright!

   This was Ces's and my relaxation spot. We laid on towels and watched the water and soaked in the sun.  A group of frisbee players almost hit us in the head twice! But we left our beach day unscathed by errant frisbees.

   We walked along the shore and looked for rocks and shells and sea glass. We found a poor, mangled starfish that was still beautiful, even after it's gruesome death (probably perpetrated by a hungry seagull who was then startled during the act of consuming it's bounty.)

   Here are Ces and me! We had another beach day, just this last Sunday! We went to a different beach, Alki. I will share those pictures sometime in the future!