Friday, July 19, 2013

After Buying A Mysterious Pack of Seeds, Myrtle Grows a Very Unusual Crop of Flowers

  Here is an illustration I made for my mom for Mothers Day. It is gardening themed because she likes gardening.

        On a stormy summer afternoon, Myrtle decided to visit the farmers market. Even though the sky was filled with coiled clouds the color of charcoal dust, Myrtle decided to brave the weather. But the farmers were not so brave. All of the usually bustling stalls were empty of produce and people. She walked through the empty market while the warm raindrops soaked through her flimsy summer shirt. She thought about a Twilight Zone episode where a man woke up to find out everyone had disappeared and he was all alone. Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the creak of a hoarse but friendly voice.
     "Hello Dear." The voice said. Myrtle looked over to see that one of the stalls was not empty at all. A woman with the voice of a centenarian but the face of a middle-aged house wife smiled at Myrtle. In the stall where the woman sat were hundreds of seed packs.
    Myrtle blushed under the woman's gaze, although she did not quite know why. "Hello." She replied. "I didn't know anyone was here."
    "Are you a gardener dear? I have seeds for every plant imaginable. Common plants like tomatoes and carrots but also seeds of rare fruit trees from across the world."
  Even though Myrtle had come to the market with the intention of buying green beans and strawberries, she suddenly felt a great desire to buy a packet of seeds from the woman. "Why yes," She said, "I am a gardener."
  "I can tell just by the glimmer in your eye what pack of seeds would be perfect for you!" The strange woman said.
   That was how Myrtle ended up with the mysterious pack of seeds that ended up growing into the most fantastical flower. When she first saw the petaled heads popping up from beneath the soil, myrtle felt a little frightened. The next day, they had grown larger and she could see their eyes peering at her from just above the dirt. She was startled to see the eyes, but no longer afraid. They had kind, happy eyes. When the first one fully emerged from the soil, Myrtle saw the the strange plant really was some how both a little creature and an odd plant. The flower monster danced around the yard. He ran through the neighbors sprinkler and nibbled on the fallen bird seed under the bird feeder. Myrtle tentatively called to the flower monster. He frolicked toward her and rubbed his soft petaled head against her arm. Myrtle laughed and patted the top of his head. Myrtle thought, not minding that she was tooting her own horn, that the strange flower monsters really were the most miraculous thing to have ever grown from anyone's garden. 


Marieken Hoefnagel said...

Lovely! Do you start with the story or the illustration? I wish I could grow something like that on my balcony.

Love, Mom said...

Wonderful story - love it!

Amber @ Fauna Finds Flora said...

Marieken- Thank you! I always do the illustration first and then make up the story afterward. Sometimes the story starts emerging while working on the illustration and sometimes it all comes after.
Mom- Thanks, I am glad you like it!