Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wanda Rides The Snail Toward Wild Wolf Forest

   I was experimenting with something different in this picture because usually before I start painting I outline the illustration with a black pen but this time I did not use pen. It was fun trying something new, but I like the look of outlined pictures a bit better. This one I did for the 'Illustration Friday' theme 'Wild' (which was several weeks ago) but I didn't finish it in time to post it on the site.

      Wanda has heard rumors about the wild wolves that live in Wild Wolf Forest, but she has never seen one with her own eyes. The villagers claim that in more desolate times, the wolves would venture from their wooded home and snatch babies right out of the arms of weeping mothers. But they would not eat these babies. They would take them back to the woods and raise the children as their very own wolf pups. Before Wanda was born, she had a brother whom she never met. She was always told that her older brother died of consumption, but recently she discovered her parents had lied. The villagers shun families who have had a child stolen by the wolves, believing the family is cursed and bad luck. Her parents didn't want the burden of their neighbors scorn and fear, so when their own baby boy was kidnapped by the wolves, they lied and said it was consumption that took him. Wanda had grown up as an only child and had always longed for a sibling. After finding out that her brother was probably still alive and living as a wolf, Wanda decided she must find him! She saddled up her pet snail Herbert and started toward the sinister woods in search of her long lost brother. 


Mohala Johnson said...

How cute! I think I agree with you though about the pen outlines. Your work is so wonderful you could do it either way, but I prefer the pen. Also cute story as always

Amber @ Fauna Finds Flora said...