Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring and Summer Food

   Whenever Spring and Summer come around, I am far more enthusiastic about food! Not to say I am not enthusiastic about food during the colder seasons. I always love to eat. But it is exciting once Spring arrives and the fruits and vegetables come into season and are not horribly expensive. Here are some food that I have made and/or eaten recently.

  During a recent cabin trip to Whidbey with my friends, we had handmade pizza. I did not make the pizza, my friend Mike did. He is a pizza savant!

  The second day at the cabin we had tacos. We didn't really utilize springs ingredients much in the tacos but they were quite tasty.

  I love dolma's and sometimes I like to make them at home. These one's were modified from the dolma's I usually make because along with rice and herbs they also had lots of chopped vegetables in them. I was trying to sneak the vegetables into the dolmas to make them even healthier. They still tasted the same with less rice and added vegetables so this is something I will do again next time I make dolmas. I also made a falafel salad to go along with the dolmas but I just used a box to make the falafels.

  My favorite thing that I have made recently are spring rolls. I have been buying spring rolls from the fresh food section of the grocery store a lot lately, but they are four or five dollars for two of them. I figured I could make them myself for a lot cheaper. These spring rolls have avocado  red pepper, cucumber and either tofu or smoked salmon. Some of them also have thai basil, cilantro and/or green onion. I used two dipping sauces- a peanut sauce and a sweet chili sauce. I think hoison sauce would taste good with these also. Spring rolls are fairly easy to make, but more difficult to make look perfect. My spring rolls were a bit messy, but they tasted good. I made a bunch so they lasted several days too. Paired with a fruit salad, spring rolls are the perfect warm weather dinner.

   What is your favorite food to eat or make in Spring and Summer?


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Oh wow...I am officially super hungry now :)

Sheryl Hastings said...

The pizza looks delicious! I make pizza all the time but I make mine with ranch dressing for the sauce, and veggies for the topping. Love it!

Mohala Johnson said...

Everything looks like it was delicious, I too love spring rolls and your photo made my tummy growl! lol

Marieken Hoefnagel said...

Good food! I like the look of that pizza.

littlestar cindy said...

hi *^-^*
i'm so glad you visited my blog
thank you and very nice to meet you :)))))
i love your amazing blog :)))) and everything
yesss ;) i will keep following your blog ^-^

have a lovely and sweet day :D

Michelle @ Catwings Downtown said...
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Michelle @ Catwings Downtown said...
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Michelle @ Catwings Downtown said...

Those spring rolls look delicious! And sound very tasty & easy. I will have to try & make them myself!

My favorite summer foods are fresh tomato, fresh basil leaf, a healthy slice of mozzarella cheese, drizzled with balsamic vinegar, stacked high on a piece of well toasted bread. Yum! I can't wait for my tomatoes to come in :D

Michelle @ Catwings Downtown said...

^Sorry for posting 3 times. I'm still getting used to blogger ^_^

Tam Hess said...

Oh you make me so hungry! Beautiful food :) Thanks somuch for sharing xoxo

Amber @ Fauna Finds Flora said...

Thank you very much for the comments! Keith- pictures of food make me hungry too! :) Sheryl- Your pizza combo sounds delicious! Ranch goes well with everything! Mohala- Spring rolls are so good and I never tried even eating them until probably my mid twenties. I think I am going to make another batch soon. Marieken- I always love pizza. I could probably eat it everyday without getting tired of it. Littlestar Cindy- Thanks for visiting me back! I am excited to see more of the art you post. Michelle- I am going to have to try making your summer recipe. It sounds super delicious! Tamm- Thank you and thanks for visiting!