Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lulu and Bluebell Escape the Spider Kingdom

  Here is an illustration I did for this weeks Illustration Friday challenge. I only have a couple of hours left to turn this in before the next challenge begins. The theme for the week is 'tension.' There are two forms of tension in my picture. First, Lulu is creating tension on the spider web tight rope as she walks across it. Also, tension is always created while escaping a perilous situation.

   One evening while Lulu was walking to a friends house, a giant spider crawled out from behind a dumpster, grabbed onto Lulu, and scuttled away to the sticky confines of Spider Kingdom. The spider wrapped silver threads of web all around Lulu until she was incapacitated. The only thing left untouched by the webbing was Lulu's face so she could still breath. Lulu was not the only captive of Spider Kingdom.  Wrapped up next to her was a moth named Bluebell. The two commiserated four hours, wallowing in self pity at their 'sticky' situation. But then Lulu decided they needed to stop complaining and instead come up with a plan, or else they would certainly become spider dinner. Their arms and feet were tied up, but they still had their teeth. Lulu inched toward Bluebell and bit through the webbing until her moth friend was free. Lulu was surprised to find out the spider webbing tasted like strawberries. Next, Bluebell worked to set Lulu free. With grace, agility and bravery, the two new friends escaped the Spider Kingdom. As they left, they heard the calls of the spiders. They yelled 'But we only wanted to be friends!' And the confused spiders sobbed great spider tears.