Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fanny and Her Walrus Friend Petunia Travel the Rainbow Road

I did the drawing of this awhile ago but then forgot about it. That is until I was looking for a piece of watercolor paper and found this sandwiched in between blank pages. So I finished painting it.

       When Fanny woke up and walked out of her igloo, she was greeted with the most wondrous sight. A rainbow road leading from her igloo to mysterious unknowns. At first she was unsure if the road was solid or composed of ethereal light particles like most rainbows. She tentatively pushed her toe against the rainbow road and felt that it was solid as the ice around her. The penguins clucked and chattered. One of the penguins hollered "Don't go on it, Fanny! It could be dangerous." Fanny liked her penguin friends, but they were often lethargic and cowardly. Their days consisted mainly of gentle slips and slides along the ice before retreating to their igloos where they enjoyed muffled conversations over hot mugs of tea. Fanny however, adored the sweet call of danger. And her thrill of danger mixed with her insatiable sense of curiosity made it impossible for Fanny not to follow the rainbow road. Before she left, she yelled "Petuniaaaaaaa!" The call echoed around the arctic village and reached Petunia's ears. Fanny's walrus friend came waddling toward her. Petunia was equally nonplussed by danger and it was easy for Fanny to convince her friend to join her in this new adventure. The two walked across the rainbow road and found them self adrift on a small ice island. "This is it?" Fanny thought with disappointment, not realizing that in a moment the ice island would begin to rattle. Then it would lift up from the icy water and go shooting into the sky. Soon, Fanny and Petunia will be having adventures in space, spending their days traveling to far off planets and meeting alien people and animals alike!


Mohala Johnson said...

Such a cute story! Sorry haven't commented in a while but I have been around reading. I'm glad you found this treasure among the clean pages.

Amber @ Fauna Finds Flora said...

Thanks Mo!