Saturday, April 20, 2013

After A Visit With Her Friend In The Country, Lucy Is Followed Home By The Rain Monster

   This picture was a commissioned work, my very first commissioned work! Basically, the person liked this picture that I sold awhile ago and wanted a similar one. I had a lot of creative freedom because she wanted a picture with a rain monster following a girl, but besides that I got to do what I wanted.

  On her weekend, Lucy decided to visit her friend in the country side. Lucy loves long, meandering walks. She started at her house in the town and walked down the path that led through the grassy hills and wildflower sprinkled meadows to her friends home. Lucy and her country friend spend the day doing country things. They wander through the landscape of old, gnarled trees and long soft grass in search of interesting birds and insects to look at. They lay on the grass and look up at the sky where they make up stories about the shapes they see in the clouds. They pick colorful bouquets overflowing with interesting flowers. Later in the afternoon they drink tea and eat scones while they catch up on each others lives. When the sun gets low, Lucy decides she should probably begin her long walk home. With fond farewells, she bids her friend adieu. As soon as she steps outside, the cheerful sky transforms and a light rainstorm begins. Lucy is accustomed to sudden rainstorms and has and umbrella to protect her from the wet. As she walks, Lucy is so consumed by her daydreams that she does not realize she is being followed by the rain monster. The rain monster finds Lucy endlessly fascinating  He finds all people interesting but Lucy has particularly peeked his interest because she seems far less irritated by the rain then other humans. She never rushes with hunched shoulders or ducks under the safety of eaves. Instead, she pulls out her umbrella and  continues her walk. The rain monster really wants to befriend Lucy but he is terribly shy. Maybe today will be the day that he clears his throat and says the line he has been practicing in his head for ages "Excuse me Madam, I am the rain monster and I humbly beg your kind acquaintance."


Marieken Hoefnagel said...

If rain really looked like this, I think I wouldn't mind it raining every now and then :-)

Autumn Elixe said...

I love this picture!

Amber @ Fauna Finds Flora said...

Marieken- haha. Yeah! That would be cool.
Autumn- Thank you!