Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Ending of a Not so Spooky Story, or Part Two of A Trip to the Seashore

  In yesterdays post I described my spooky trip to the shore. By describing the trip in a spooky tone, I was mostly being cheeky. Even though all the details were true, I was omitting all the non-creepy aspects of the trip and exaggerating the creepy parts. While on this trip, David and I joked about how it felt like we were in the beginning of a scary movie. When the sea is shimmering and aglow with sunshine, it is one of the most cheerful places to be. But an empty, gray beach is inherently spooky and that is what I was playing around with in yesterdays post. But today I will share the more cheerful parts of the trip.
  We went on this trip to celebrate my birthday which is at the end of October. I love the ocean and I always want to visit the shore.

  • We went to an Indian taco/ pie restaurant  It was a very small an homey restaurant right on the bay. The  place was owned by a husband and wife duo. The wife baked the pies and the husband did the rest. We didn't meet the wife but the husband was very friendly. He gave David and I free Indian fried bread with homemade cherry jam. It was quite delicious! He also invited us to watch a high school girls volley ball game because the team was one of the best in the state, so the town is very proud of them. Even though we were not interested, it was a sweet suggestion and very small-townsy. 

  • David and I took two walks on the beach, a long one on the first day and a shorter one on the day we had to leave. The waves and sandy shores were beautiful and being on the beach felt refreshing. From the beach, we could see the most north western point of the United States which is called 'Cape Flattery.' If we had more time, we would have hiked on Cape Flattery, but one weekend sure goes by quick, especially including driving time.
Trees near the beach

A Perfect 'Beach Bench.'
Me, Right Before Day One Beach Walk

David enjoying the ocean
Me, right before we left.
David at the beach

The Cabins! 
The Sea

  • I collected a bunch of interesting beach treasures during my first beach walk. I brought them back to the cabin to look at them through my pocket microscope. I absolutely love my pocket microscope and recommend it to any amateur naturalist. It gives you a whole new perspective on the world. Something may look like a common shell, but upon closer inspection with the pocket microscope it is actually an odd landscape of nooks and crannies and textures.

  • While watching TV in the cabin, we saw this really goofy ad for a dating service called 'Farmers Only.' Just recently I was listening to 'Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!' and one of the questions for the guest celebrity was 'which one of these is a real dating service.' The answer was Farmers Only! The concept is actually quite sweet because I imagine it would be hard to date if you are a farmer because it is a lifestyle conducive to isolation. But the ad was so goofy with it's inclusion of dopey sounding farm animals voicing their concern for their farmer's lack of companionship. It makes me wonder... what sorts of critiques of my lifestyle would my cats have of me. I can imagine Mue Mue being like "Is she looking at that thing full of paper filled with squiggly lines again. Humans are so easily amused. Give me a card board box or a laser beam any day before that boring thing." Actually, knowing Mue Mue's grumpy (but lovable) disposition, he'd probably have much harsher critiques then that. Ha! 

  • It was a bean and rice filled trip because during the evening we made ourselves burritos in the cabin. We used vegetarian soy crumbles as our filling. They were very tasty! 
Washed out photo of  burrito.
  • Trips always go by too quick and I did not get to do everything I wanted to. The beach cabins were on an Indian reservation (the Makah Reservation) and the town housed a cultural museum that I think will be fun to explore next time I go.  Also, there's another beach that we didn't see that is suppose to be even more beautiful then the one we did see! And as I mentioned before, I want to hike Cape Flattery trail. 


Autumn Elixe said...

I like all those birds. Beautiful setting. Nice looking cabins. I like the Farmers Only website. What a fun trip.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

You non-creepy-fact-omitter!! I tease I tease. Looks like you and Dave had a wonderful time. I love all the trinkets you found!

Marieken Hoefnagel said...

I love beach-treasures! Looks like a fun trip.

Amber @ Fauna Finds Flora said...

Thank you for the comments!
Autumn- The birds were really cool! I saw some sand pipers too but did not get any good pictures.
Kieth- Haha. It was a lot of fun!
Marieken- I always love finding beach treasures too! There are some really cool things to be found on the beach!