Monday, March 18, 2013

The Dancing World

Here is a photo of blurry twilight colors.

And here are some sketches from my nature sketchbook.

  Recently it was a particularly windy day as I drove to work. At the stop light, I looked at everything blowing in the wind. The tree branches slowly swayed. The stoplights hanging on wires bobbed about. I realized that they were swaying at the exact tempo of the song I was listening to which was the song Fall Flood by one of my favorite bands, Little Wings. It was like the world of inantimant objects were part of a lazy dance party.
  Sometimes while driving I'll see someone walking at the exact same beat as the song I am listening to. I love this! It always cracks me up. It is my favorite when the person has a especially bouncy walk because then they really look like they will break into a jaunty dance at any moment!

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