Thursday, March 28, 2013

Animal Friends, Real and Imaginary

Here are photo's I took on a white skied winter day a couple of months ago.

  Now that the birds are coming back from their Winter trips South, I've been filling up my bird feeder again. I also like to put hand fulls of bird seed on the stepping stones for the crows. The crows are too big for the bird feeder but they especially enjoy munching on the sunflower seeds. They often only eat the sunflower seeds and leave the rest of the seeds behind. They remind me of someone picking out all the m and m's from the trail mix (that 'someone' is me). The birds are really messy eaters and half of the food from the feeder ends up on the ground anyway. the squirrels don't mind though because then they can enjoy the birdseed without the work of crawling and leaping toward the bird feeder. The other day I walked outside and saw a squirrel nibbling on the bits of dropped birdseed. I stopped to watch him. From a berry bush next to the squirrel,  a small brown rat emerged and began eating the bird seed with the squirrel. Then a bird swooped from the sky and landed on the bird feeder above the two dining rodents and began eating too. It was awesome and adorable! I felt like I was in a little kid's movie and that at any moment the three animals would break out into song!
  Speaking of animals, I recently had an interesting dream about a make-believe animal. He was part otter, part beaver and part wild cat that looked most similar to a  margay. The coloring and top half this imaginary animal looked like a margay but he had a beaver tale. His living habitat and behavior was most similar to an otter. He also looked a little bit like an otter in an unexplainable way. In the dream I kept referring to him as 'the otter' even though this is the animal he looked least like.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Part otter, part beaver and part wild cat...what an adorabkle-sounding potpourri of animal :)

Also, I confess to eating the M$Ms out of the trail mix on occasion...

Amber @ Fauna Finds Flora said...

It was a really cool animal!