Sunday, February 3, 2013

Furry, Fuzzy, Feathered and Leafy Animals.

For Christmas, I painted my parents these pictures. They are acrylic, mod podge and autumn leaves on thin boards.

   The leaf squirrel scampers and leaps from tree limb to tree limb, like the smallest of trapeze artists in the biggest of circuses. The squirrel knows that if she had been born in a different body, she would have found her way back to the forest. She would have built a fort out of fallen tree limbs. On sunny afternoons she would have clumsily climbed the trees, higher and higher toward the sun. The leaf squirrel is grateful to have been born in her own squirrel body. She can leap so far she can practically fly. She can climb so high that she can practically bite the tips of stars.

  Owls are often associated with great wisdom, but the leaf owl is an especially wise owl. The leaf owl has been alive as long as most trees. He has seen thousands of seasons change into the next. During his flights to towns and cities, he has watched the rapid change in the world. During his time in the forest, he has seen the trees slowly grow.

 When the leaf bunny hops, autumn leaves fall off his back and flutter around him. The leaf bunny hops through forests and over the meadows. He is easy to track, not because of his paw prints but because the trail of little leaves he leaves behind.

   The bleary-eyed robin has seen the whole world from a top a cloud. He has seen the trees grow tall and the trees decay and fall. He's watched the arch of the moon as it slowly circles the sun. He has closed his eyes and seen the future imprinted on the back of his eyelids.

    Here is my work space. It's a big table in my living room.

  This is my arm after painting these animals. It is hard to stay neat while painting. But one of the things I like about painting, especially with acrylics, is the freedom to be messy.


Mohala Johnson said...

I really really honestly absolutely love these. I love how cute they are with the leaves, you are so creative and I love it! lol

Did I happen to mention that I love these? lol

Mom said...

These pictures are really great. What doesn't show up on line is how great the leaves look on each animal- they have a great texture that doesn't get picked up here. I really like the colors and the drawings of the animals. The owl's eyes look penetrating when you see it from far away in real life.
I like your picture of paint all along your arm - looks like a modern day tattoo. Much love, Mom

Sarah said...

I love that you incorporated leaves into your paintings..Neat idea! The leaf bunny is my favorite :)

Amber @ Fauna Finds Flora said...

Thank you all for your comments! Mohala- I am happy that you like them! They were really fun to make. Mom- Ha, ha! I like the idea of a paint tattoo!
Sarah- Thank you! Bunnies always make good subjects since they are so cute.