Friday, January 18, 2013

Heads So Far Up In The Clouds That They Are In Outer Space

   Here are two illustrations I finished recently. They are in a series together about content introverts in outer space. I might make more for this series, or it might be a series of two. Sometimes, it is nice to have your own little planet to do whatever you feel like.

   This one is called ' Estelle Reads Stories about the World While Relaxing on the Moon.'

   Estelle and her cat Marvin relax together on the moon. Marvin dreams about a world where strings dangle invitingly from every tree branches and mice scamper foolishly in plain sight. Estelle reads about people who never really existed. But they are similar enough to people that have lived that Estelle can't help crying when one of the characters falls ill of consumption and another characters suffers a broken heart.

   The second picture is called 'On Saturn, Fay Dances to songs so Old They Creak and Crackle in the Open Air.'

   Fay loves music that is sad and upbeat at the same time. She likes songs that were sang for the first time over one-hundred years ago in smoked filled lounges or in empty sitting rooms. Fay can't help but to want to dance when she hears these songs. While on Saturn, she feels especially comfortable to dance anyway she wants. She can twirl, leap and spin without having to feel inhibited by her own awkwardness. Fay believes that everyone is graceful on Saturn. Especially when listening to songs older than her oldest living relative and as beautiful as a spring flower.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the second one, 'On Saturn, Fay Dances to songs so Old They Creak and Crackle in the Open Air'...absolutely beautiful my friend.

alabee said...

as an introvert, i would love to live in outer space... these are so beautiful, they remind me of the Little Prince and i really really like them

Amber @ Fauna Finds Flora said...

Kieth- Thanks so much!
Alabee- Thank you! I've seen the Little Prince illustrations and love them, but I have not yet read the book! I really need to because I think I will like it.

Mohala Johnson said...

I really like the feel of these two, but i think the Saturn one is my favorite.

Amber @ Fauna Finds Flora said...

Thank you Mohala!