Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Tenant's of Winterberry Manor Always Smell Roasting Marshmellows When They Pass Room Eleven

   Here is an illustration I did for the Illustration Friday challenge. This weeks theme is 'stretch.' Usually I like taking pictures of my art projects outside, using sunlight as my assistant. But now that it is pretty much Winter, it is always cloudy and often rainy so I can no longer use sunlight to light my pictures. I haven't found a good substitute. Sometimes I use the flash, but it does not look nearly as good as with sunlight. Today I tried lighting with several different lamps and I think it worked better than a flash, but still not great. If anyone knows any indoor lighting tricks for photographing pictures or objects, I'd love to hear them!

  The tenants of Winterberry Manor all know someone new has moved into room eleven. But none of the old-timers at Winterberry have met or even seen this elusive knew resident. Barnaby from room seventeen said he saw a cat sitting at the windowsill of room eleven on Tuesday. Lenora from room twenty-four said she heard the new tenet was an ex-circus performer. Blythe in room Nine said she has heard bird sounds coming from inside room eleven which has convinced Blythe that the new tenant is an ornithologist.  Isadore said that he heard the landlord talking on the phone about the new resident. From the bits of conversation he was able to scrape together, Isadore has come to the conclusion that the new tenant is most definitely a botanist with a specialty in bizarre and rare plants. One thing that all the tenants can agree on is that ever since the new tenant has moved in, a new and wonderful smell has been emanating from room eleven. It is the smell of roasted marshmallows. 

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