Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shells, Trees, Animals and Decoration

  I was at the thrift store recently and found four interesting books. When I go to the thrift stores, I usually only look in the non-fiction section of the books because I'd rather get my fiction books from the library. The art section and animal section are my favorites. Sometimes I will look at the kid books to find books with neat art and illustrations for inspiration or collage/craft use. Here are the books I found recently:

  First, a book about seashells. I love collecting seashells on the beach. This seashell book has pictures of shells from around the world. Some of the shells pictured in this book are quite interesting and odd looking. Most of the shells I collect along the shores of Seattle seem ordinary in comparison -clam shells and mussel shells mostly. But maybe on some other coast they would seem interesting and unique. Or maybe clams and mussels are found frequently on all the coasts of the world. But at the very least, clam and mussel shells would seem interesting in the desert. It's all a matter of perspective.

   The best part of the shell books is that I found this old postcard sandwiched in between two pages. It's blank, so I can send it to one of my friends.

   Next I found this very old and worn book called 'Pacific Coast Trees.' This is perfect because I have been wanting to learn how to identify trees. I use leaves in art projects frequently but I often do not know the name of the tree's the leaves come from. I've been wanting to learn, and now I have this book for handy identification.
  This books is very old and was published in 1947. Who ever owned it before me must have used it frequently. I imagine a boy scout bought it in in 1947 and used it throughout his life. He loved to be outdoors, exploring the woods and learning about nature. As he grew older, he may have travelled to other parts of the world to look at the trees there, but the trees of the Pacific Coast would always be his favorite. Maybe he passed away and that is how this book ended up at the thrift store, or maybe he realized he knew everything there was to know about trees and he no longer needed his trusty tree book.

    I also got this book called 'Wildlife in Crisis' by His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh,..... and James Fisher.  I've only skimmed it, but it seems like a book with a great message which is that animals and humans are intrinsically linked and for humans to survive and prosper, we need to insure that animals survive and prosper.

   But the best part of the book is the awesome animal illustrations!

   The last book I found is a book called '2,000 Designs, Forms and Ornaments.' It has pictures of all sorts of interesting designs and will be perfect for art inspiration.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

'Wildlife in Crisis' looks like the type of book that I would really love.

Amber said...

Yes, it looks interesting!