Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shedding Shells and Playing Dead

Here are some more plants and animals I painted in one of my sketch books.

    The Scarlet Lily Beetle is very skilled at protecting their unborn larvae  The eggs are laid in the discreet location of the underside of a leaf. They are even protected further by a  sticky, brown substance (the substance is exactly what it sounds like...) created by the beetle. The sharp eyes of a predatory bird may be fooled by their sly methods of disguise, but parasites are not so easily duped. The smell of the substance attracts parasites because the scent acts as a chemical cue. (A)

  When you find a crab shell washed up on the beach, it is not necessarily an indication that a crab has died. Crabs must shed their shells in order to grow. Crabs are very vulnerable when they go through this process known as moulting. (B)

    There are many different types of Ground Rollers. These birds are less inclined toward exploration than most, as they are non-migratory birds. They spend all their time in Madagascar. (C)

   When the Virginia opossum finds itself in a sticky situation, they rely on their skills of deception by playing dead. This often works to persuade predators to look elsewhere for fresh prey. But the opossum does not always act in a passive fashion. They also display aggressive tendencies when confronted with danger such as growling or belching. Other times, they do the sensible thing and run away from the danger. (D)

    The peaceful Dugong is the only marine animal that is an herbivore. Instead of snacking on fish or shrimp, the dugong enjoys munching on sea grass. (E)

   According to recent scientific discoveries involving DNA, the water loving hippo may be more closely related to whale and dolphin species then it is to other even toed hoof animals. (F)

    If you were exploring the humid forests of Mexico or El Salvador  you may come across the beautiful Orange Guarianthe. The Orange Guarianthe is an orchid that grows naturally on tree branches or rock outcroppings. (G)

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

The Ground Roller resembles our North American Blue Bird. Beautiful illustrations!

alabee said...

such lovely paintings!

Amber said...

Thank you for the comments and compliments! I love blue birds! Maybe I'll paint one of those next.