Monday, December 17, 2012

Leaf Animals

  I finished some new mixed media paintings recently of odd leaf animals. These paintings are done with acrylic paint and cut leaves. The leaf animals live in the forest together where their leafy bodies brush against the tree trunks and rustle in the wind.

    The leafy squirrel finds acorns in the trees and hides them in his leafy tail where they stay until he needs them in the middle of winter.

   The leaf rabbit uses his leafy tail to help him hop higher than the average rabbit. When he hops, he pushes his tail against the ground which makes him rise so high that he sees the tops of trees.

   The leafy bear hibernates in the warmth of musty caves. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of winter to find his leafy tail is gone and instead he has bare branches as a tail. But, the heaviness of sleep overtakes him before he has time to panic over the disappearance of his leaves. By the time he awakes again in spring, he is growing a new tail of fresh green leaves.

   The leafy owl uses his leaves as a disguise. He hides in trees and everyone who passes him by thinks he is just part of the landscape. Although, passer-byers of the leaf owl often get and unexpected case of the willies, not knowing it is the owls predatory yellow eyes causing the unsettling feeling.