Saturday, December 22, 2012

How To: Make Treasure Map Wrapping Paper

    So, the world did not end yesterday after all, which means you actually do need to wrap all of your Holiday presents. Here is a tutorial on how to make treasure map wrapping paper.


  For my treasure map, I used a normal sized piece of paper from my sketchbook because I made the wrapping paper for a small present. But you can also use a larger piece of paper for larger presents.

Step One: Draw your map in pencil.

  You can make your map look any way you want. I drew a couple of land looking shapes to be islands and then drew trees on the islands and waves in the sea.  I drew a Christmas tree where the 'X' marks the treasure.

Step Two: Pen in drawing.

  Use a waterproof pen and go over your drawing.

Step Three: Brew the black tea.

I used five bags of tea do get a rich golden color. If you brew your tea and want a different shade, use another tea bag for a darker shade or more water for a lighter shade.

Step Four: Paint over map using tea and brush.

This makes the treasure map look old, like a it is from a hundred years ago, when every island had hidden treasure and the sea was full of surely peg-legged pirates.

Step Five: Use watercolor to add color to your map.

I only colored a small portion of the map so the tea color was still the most prominent color. But you can color as much as you want depending on how you want it to look!

Step Six (Optional Step): Burn the edges of the map.

  Burning the edges helps further the aged look of the map. This step is optional and should be done near a water source and all necessary safety precautions should be taken. If you do not want to burn the edges of the map but still want to give it a weathered look, you can tear around the map too. But if you decide to do this, you should do it before you paint over the map with tea or the normal color of the paper will show at the torn parts.

Step Eight: Wrap the present!

Mue Mue  eagerly awaiting Christmas so he can open the present.
He will be sorely disappointed when he realizes this present is not for him. 


Lauren Jean said...

this is super cute!! pretty kitty too.

Amber Fauna Finds Flora said...

Thank you Lauren Jean! And thanks for the compliment on my cat. I like to use him as model as much as possible.

nahidworld said...
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nahidworld said...
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nahidworld said...

Hay your treasure
is so nice and funny.