Monday, December 3, 2012

How To: Make Leaf Greeting Cards

'Tis the season to send out greetings! Here is a simple way to make a decorative greeting card using natures decorations: Autumn leaves.

* The leaves should be pressed leaves. If you do not have any pressed leaves, it is probably not to late in the season to find a couple of leaves on the ground outside. Just press them between the pages of an old book. I usually wait a week, but you can check on them earlier and as long as they feel dried out, it should be ready to go!
*One of your leaves needs to be smaller than your card. The other leaf can be any size because you can cut it down to be a smaller shape. It will be behind the main leaf, and only a little pit of it will be showing. It will provide a bit of colorful pizzaz!
* If you do not have any blank cards, you can use a piece of watercolor paper. Just fold it in half and cut to the size you want it to be. Watercolor paper works because it is thick and sturdy, just like card stock.

  Step One: Decide on a shape or silhouetted image to put on your card and use marker to draw this design on your main leaf.

   I chose a heart because it is simple and conveys a happy meaning. You can choose anything, but a simple design is easier. Easy design examples are: an exclamation point or a tree a silhouetted cat face or a small word or even a simple circle.

Step Two: Cut out your design with the exacto knife.

Step Three: Cut small piece of contrasting leaf.

   This part of the leaf will be going behind your main leaf. So first find a part of the leaf that has especially pretty color and then cut this part off the leaf to a piece that is smaller than your main leaf.

Step Four: Glue small piece of leaf on to card stock.

  Cover both sides with a thin layer of mod podge and place on the card somewhere toward the center of the card.

Step Five: Glue Main Leaf on top of the first leaf piece.

   Use a thin layer of mod podge on both sides of leaf. Try to center the main leaf so the prettiest part of the contrasting leaf is showing.

Step Six: Let Dry
  I put a clean folded plastic trash bag (which you can still use when you are done using it for crafting purposes) on top of the the card and then towered books on top of that. Let dry for a day.

Step Seven: Send greeting cards to friends and family.

Heart Card
Hi Card
   Viola! The cards are complete and ready for use. 

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