Sunday, December 30, 2012

How To: Make Jewelry Out Of Dollhouse Miniatures

  When I was younger, my grandma made me a beautiful Victorian dollhouse with lights that actually worked. I wish I had a picture to share because the house is in storage now. Even though the house is more of an art piece then a kids toy, there is just no room so it remains in storage. After she was done, there was left over dollhouse supplies that I now have in a box. Dollhouse miniatures really are enchanting. It is hard not to say 'awwwww' when viewing a tiny version of an ordinary thing. I though that instead of leaving all of these miniature trinkets in a box, I would make jewelry out of some of them. I am going to share a tutorial on how to make your own dollhouse miniatures into jewelry. So go dig through your own dusty boxes of childhood memorabilia in search of the perfect new charm for your necklace! Or if you want your own tea pot or flower vase necklace but do not have any dollhouse supplies, you can find dollhouse miniatures often at craft or hobby stores, or online.

Step One: Pull your bead cap so it is the right size for your miniature.

   The bead cap goes on top of your miniature, to transform your ordinary dollhouse accessory into a charm. The bead caps are easy to pull into the size your need. Just adjust and fit it to your tiny thing.

Step Two: Glue the bead cap to the top of your dollhouse miniature.

You should use a sturdy glue. Let the glue dry before moving on to the next step so the bead cap is securely attached.

Step Three: Add loop.

 The hole on top of the bead cap is not large enough to fit through a necklace chain. So you will need to add a loop to the top. Pull the loop apart and then attach it to the bead cap before pressing the two ends together again.

Step Four: Put your new charm on to a necklace chain.

   If your choose to make a necklace out of a miniature that has it's own built in loop, (Something such as a teacup) you can skip step one. You do not need a bead cap. Here is what I did for my miniature teacup necklace.

Decided on my teacup.

Added the loop to the teacup handle.

Put it on a necklace chain.

 Of course I could have just put the teacup directly on the necklace without attaching a loop, but I like how it looks better with a loop. It feels more like an official piece of jewelry!

I also made pins. Pins are very easy to make. All you need is the same type of tough glue you used for the necklace charms, pin backs and of course your dollhouse miniature. Just glue the pin back to the the back of your miniature.

Here are examples of some of the jewelry I made:

Clock Necklace
Teacup Necklace
Tea Kettle Necklace 
Book Necklace
Book Necklace Version Two


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the teacup necklace! What a unique idea.

Rachel Davidson said...

Very cool!

Sandy said...

Cute! I never would have thought to use miniatures for jewelry.

Anne M.V. said...

I really love the tea cup! I have some mini candle sticks, I wonder if I could make something with them.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to recycle such adorable objects. I've seen people make jewelry with barbie shoes but the victorian / vintage feel is definitely more my style!

xoxo Lorelai

Amber Fauna Finds Flora said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! They are all much appreciated!

Autumn Elixe said...

I love seeing how your creative mind works. I never would have thought of this, yet it now seems so obvious that it's a great idea. Love the teacup.

Amber Fauna Finds Flora said...

Thank you!