Saturday, December 29, 2012

Amazing Plants!

   I purchased two new plants recently at Sky Nursery, which is a huge nursery on highway 99. I love going to nurseries and looking at all the plants. Once, I was at a nursery in Northern California where I was admiring all the various botanical delights. An especially pretty tropical plant caught my eye so I gave it a closer look. On one of the leaves of the plant was a tiny green frog. It was strange to see the little frog because I knew he did not belong there. By 'there' I mean both the nursery and the dreary and chilly part of Northern California I was living in. The little frog looked like he belonged in a warm and muggy rain forest full of prehistoric-sized flowers and birds the color of rainbow sherbet.
   This is what I think happened. The plant was harvested in a garden within a tropical forest. The little frog had hopped around and after spotting the plant thought it looked to be a good place to perch. Next thing he knows, he's being stuffed in a box and shipped off to America. When the box is opened,  the frog and his plant are at the nursery. It's actually kind of a sad story, because living in a tropical forest is a nice life for a frog.

  One plant I got is called 'String of Pearls.'  These plants are succulents that originated from Southwest Africa (according to this blog). I have been wanting one of these plants for a long time. I like them because they are odd and seem like a plant that someone might make up to put on a set of sci-fi tv show.

   Here is the other plant I got. It is a succulent too, but I do not know what type. I looked in the 'Western Garden Book' and online in order to identify this mystery plant, but neither were good leads. The leaves are thick, pale green and slightly fuzzy. It feels like a Panda Plant, but the leaves look different. Does anyone have any ideas about what kind of succulent this little guy could be?


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I'm also interersted to know what that plant is. If you find out, let us know!

p.s. have a Happy New Year :)

Amber Fauna Finds Flora said...

I am thinking about getting a succulent identification guide at the library to help solve the mystery. Happy New Year to you too!