Monday, November 5, 2012

The Woods, The Shore and The Circus Man

Here are photos I took the day I went to the fruit festival at Carkeek.

Apple Pie and Cider from the Fruit Festival


    The other day I saw a most interesting sight! I was out and about when I saw a man on a unicycle peddling away while juggling three or four pins in the air. I think he must have been practicing for an audition with the circus. He was very good so he will most likely get the position. If he wasn't about to audition for he circus, he probably is a retried circus performer who sometimes sorely misses his old life. In these moments of regretful nostalgia, he pulls out his old unicycle from the basement and takes it for a circus inspired ride. I felt like I got a little glimpse of the circus in my everyday life. The only other person who was near by and saw the circus man was across the street from me. I looked over at her and tried to give her a knowing look that implied 'that was pretty cool, huh? It's not everyday you see things like a unicyling juggler. We are lucky!' I was wearing sunglasses so this may have hindered an accurate conveying of this look. She just scowled at me and turned to look the other direction.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I have never seen a unicycle in my life!! great pictures Amber :)

Amber said...

Thanks Keith! And it is good to hear from you! I used to live in a small and quirky town that attracted all sorts of interesting characters. One such character was a unicyclist. I saw that guy unicycle everywhere! He was really good, too.

Mohala Johnson said...

What great photos!

Amber said...