Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rainbows and Orange Cats

  This Fall I have been very lucky because I have seen so many rainbows! These were not just measly hints of rainbows dimly shining in the sky. These rainbows were bright and amazing! They arched majestically across the sky like a doorway into a magical land. I messed with different filters and contrast settings with these photos, but even so, these photos don't give justice to the experience of actually seeing these rainbows. Here are the pictures of the various rainbows I have encountered. They chronicle three different days of rainbow viewing.

A Double Rainbow!

Rainbows coming from the lake! Must be
a pot of gold down there!

    I noticed something odd today while at the grocery store: Almost every brand of kitty litter features an orange cat on it's label. After this discovery, I further investigated by visually assessing the prevalence of orange cats on cat food labels. While orange cats are still prominent on cat food containers, there is more cat coloring diversity than on kitty litter containers. The vast over representation of orange cats would be less perplexing if orange cats were far more common than any other sorts of cats. But I do not believe this to be true. I know only a couple of orange cats, and I know quite a few cats! It is an orange cat conspiracy!
  I am being a bit cheeky, but I do wonder why there are so many orange cats on the kitty litter aisle of the grocery store. I have two theories. First, orange is a warm and pleasant color. Orange conjures feelings of happiness and warmth. Orange is the color of sunsets, of crackling fires in the hearth on a rainy day. But kitty litter is a very unpleasant thing. By far the worst part of cat companionship is the litter box. It's worth it, but I sure dislike it. So the kitty litter establishments have cleverly diverted our attention away from the distasteful task of kitty litter clean-up by plastering their boxes with cats the color of the of sunshine.
  My second theory is that orange cats feature prominently in the popular culture. Consider the orange cat in the much loved movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' Yes, the movie is old, but the cat is iconic! I know I've seen shirts on etsy with an image of Audrey Hepburn with that orange cat on her shoulders. Of course this reference is too obscured by the passage of time to be the predominant motivation for the abundance of orange cats. But what about arguably the most iconic of all cartoon cats: Garfield. This lasagna loving lazy cat is as orange as they come. Garfield isn't the only orange cartoon cat. I remember spending many a Saturday morning watching the adventures of Heathcliff, who is also an orange. In modern day animation we have the 'Puss in Boots' orange cat from the movie 'Shrek'. One of my favorite movies as a child was 'Milo and Otis.' Adorable little Milo could easily be a model on one of those orange cat kitty litter boxes. Black cats also feature prominently in pop culture: Felix, Snowball (from the Simpsons), the Cat from 'KiKi's Delivery Service,' the cats from 'Emily the Strange' - but black cats still inspire mental associations with witchcraft so the kitty litter companies are less likely to feature the black cat.
  Or maybe both theories are wrong and there really is an orange cat conspiracy. The orange cats of the world have united to slowly take over the world, one litter box container at a time. 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

There is nothing quite like the feeling inside when one sees a rainbow. Perhaps it's because they are so fleeting, perhaps it's their beauty, or perhaps it's a little bit of both. Whatever the case, they induce happiness.

And yes I do very much believe in the orange cat conspiracy :-)

Amber said...

Yeah! I agree. Rainbows are amazing. I could see one hundred a day and not get tired of seeing them.