Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Eerie Marina

  Here are some pictures I took of an eerie marina. Marinas can be spooky places with all the weather beaten deterioration and peeling paint. Marinas are full of things that were once shiny now muted to a dull, rust splattered matte. Weeds sometimes grow from between the cracks of the wooden planked docks. The docks can be heavy with soggy wood and rot. The sounds of a marina resembles an orchestra of ghosts. There is a constant creak of ropes being pulled as the water slowly oscillates underneath the boat. There is the thumping flap of flags and sails beating against the wind. The masts whine as the wind shifts them about. There is the slow shuffle of water underneath the docks as it sloshes back and forth and against the hulls of boats. Sometimes the angry cackle of a seagull rips through the gray sky. Or the rain fall's and slaps against the tin roof of a covered marina. When I stand on a dock and look down, often I can only see murky water and the hint of lake plants reaching upward like the lankly tentacles of some sort of undiscovered water creature.
    I am surprised there are not more movies that take place at creepy marinas. I can imagine a scary movie about a crotchety old harbormaster who did misdeeds in his past. Maybe he was part of a motorcycle gang that liked to terrorize the weaker inhabitants of a small town. The bashful and faint of heart were the victims of brutality, and sometimes senseless murder by the motorcycle gang. And the old harbormaster use to revel in is cruel acts. Until he met and fell in love with a waitress at a diner who had a son who died young due to bullying similar to the type of bullying the harbormaster use to perpetrate. The son was exactly the type of person the harbor master would choose as a victim. Through stories from the waitress about her son, he realizes what a horrible person he was to hurt people like the waitresses son. He reevaluates his own acts and thinks of all the amazing and honorable people he bullied in his motorcycle gang days. Now, whenever he looks into the waitresses eyes, he sees the eyes of the people he terrorized looking back at him He runs away to the coast and tries start a life away from his memories. But the vengeful ghosts have followed him, and at night they hover around the boats, slipping in and out of sight as they merge with the ethereal wisps of fog. They are waiting in the dark for their chance to seek vengeance upon the once cruel harbormaster!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

"I am surprised there are not more movies that take place at creepy marinas". This line made me laugh :)

Tony LaRocca said...

Wow, those are amazing - very creepy! I think a spooky movie should be filmed there. About a fish. With psychic powers. Who hates worms. And has gout.

Amber said...

Keith- :) It's true though- Marinas need more onscreen time in scary movies.

Tony-Hahahahah! I love your movie plot about a psychic fish. That would be pretty creepy, but also kind of cool.