Friday, November 23, 2012

A Walk Through A Land of Golden Sunlight, Red Leaves, and Shadows That Stretch as Far as the Eye Can See

   I took a walk in the late afternoon/early evening on a recent Fall evening, which combined two of my favorite times: Mid-fall when all the leaves have changed color but haven't yet fallen and early evening which always has beautiful lighting and a pleasing way of distorting shadows.

  Yesterday my friend told me about vintage cheating methods of the Tour De France. Of course cheating athletes these days use steroids and other performance enhancing drugs which is quite dull compared to the inventive means of cheating old timey athletes had to employ. One method my friend told me about involved fishing string being tied one end to the back of a car while the other end a was tied to a cork. The bike riders would hold the piece of cork in their mouth and then get pulled long by the car. I do not condone cheating, but there is something about the ingenuity of this idea that really cracks me up. Other things that cheaters did were take car rides or even train rides toward the finish line. In one Tour De France, the person who was originally crowned fifth place ascended to the first place position because the four contenders in the spots ahead of him were all disqualified for cheating. That must have been quite exciting for that fifth place winner. I think someone should make a movie in the style of a 1920's slapstick- in the visual and humor aesthetic of Buster Keaten- all about the Tour De France and the various methods of cheating contestants have used.


Anonymous said...

bWow! Great pics. I like the first one - the composition of the double parallel telephone lines and double parallel shadow lines. The foreground tree limbs pointing to that sun-bright yellow tree. The bright white house pointing to the yellow tree.
Also like the second pic of that very cute cottage looking line it's in a tree - lined bathtub. The colors!

Amber said...

Thank you! Autumn is so pretty here.