Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tessa Delights Her Little Siblings By Summoning Forth A Story Person

   Here is another illustration I did for Illustration Friday. The theme this week is 'book.'

  Tessa has two younger siblings who are both rambunctious and restless. Tessa has always been a calm girl, even when she was the age of her younger siblings. But her small sister and brother move through life like miniature whirlwinds. They do not like to sit still, they like to run through meadows and climb tall trees. They do not like to listen to sound advice, they like to experiment with their own ideas. Tessa has learned that the only thing that can calm her little siblings is to read them stories. To Tessa, books are not just paper and ink, they are dear friends. And some of her books are more like dear friends than others. Tessa recently discovered that while reading some of her books aloud, she has the ability to summon forth a story person. The story person seeps from the book and appears beside Tessa as she reads. Like a skilled magician, the story person brings the stories even more to life by sending bursts of images into the air. Both of Tessa's siblings are delighted by the stories Tessa reads and the pictures  created by the story person. Together, Tessa and the story person tame the miniature balls of energy. 


Tony LaRocca said...

Very sweet, I love the story within a story theme.

Mohala Johnson said...

Too cute, this reminds me of every time I've had to read to my sisters. ^.^

Amber said...

Thanks Tony! and Mohala- that is sweet that you use to read to your sisters.