Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little Things

Here are a few photos of little things.....

Eight four leaf clovers...! I should have very good luck. When I was little, it was almost a certainty that I could find a four leaf clover in my neighbors yard. So if I needed a bit of extra luck, I knew where to go. It was like a magical lawn of four leaf clovers. I lived next to a kind elderly couple, so they didn't mind having a little kid searching through their yard for four leaf clovers. I got these eight four leaf clovers from my own front yard, so I guess I have found a new magical lawn of four leaf clovers.

  Since there is nothing to compare it too, it is impossible to tell, but this lady bug was actually quite large! It was almost as large as my thumb nail.

 A dragonfly and a moth.... or is it a butterfly? Every summer except for one in the past ten years I have found a dragonfly. The first one I found in a parking lot and the second one I found on my window. The third year I think was the year I didn't find one. This one I found on a boat. Both moths and dragonflies are beautiful insects!


Mohala Johnson said...

I think most bugs with wings are beautiful, well with a few exceptions of course. That Lady bug looks huge to me! lol

Amber said...

I agree with you about winged bugs. And even the creepy ones are often creepy in a beautiful way. I'm glad the lady bugs size translates in this picture! It really was the largest lady bug I think I have ever seen!