Friday, October 5, 2012

Hugo and Bridget Enjoy Ice Cream on a Sunny Day

    Hugo and Bridget live in a world where it is always quite clear what is inside people's hearts. While walking down the street in their world, you may see an old man with a scowl and you may hear him noisily grumble a 'harrumph.' But along with his outwardly grouchy exterior, he could have a heart full of sunshine or old trees. After seeing what's in his heart, no one could really be fooled by his unfriendly expressions and displeased protestations. But sometimes someone who seems perfectly friendly will have a heart full of coal or small bones. When Hugo and Bridget met, they were quite excited. Hugo's heart was full of flora and Bridget's was full of fauna. They both believe that flora and fauna go together, and ever since meeting they have been enjoying each others company.