Thursday, October 18, 2012

Clementine Sylvan

  I'm starting a new series of paintings... portraits of people with leaf hair. I've only done one so far, here it is! I painted it on a board that I cut and covered with gesso. She is painted with acrylic paint.

    Clementine lives in the forest, along with the rest of her leaf haired family. The Sylvans often get odd stares when they walk around the city or suburbs. But this is not why they moved to the forest. They just feel more comfortable among the wildlife. The Sylvans are happier surrounded by trees. During the winter they loose all their hair, but it grows back in the spring. Thousands of years ago the first Sylvan child was born from a magical tree deep in a strange woods. The woods were full of mystical animals and fairy folk. The fairy folk regarded the tree as sacred and would make yearly pilgrimages to the tree to ask for favors from the old tree. One year, a group of fairy folk were surrounding the tree when a giant nut fell from the highest branch. It landed with a crack. The nut wiggled and rocked back and forth. Then, a tiny baby pushed it's way out of the nut. The baby was rosy cheeked and had a head of bright green leaves. One of the fairies gasped in surprise when she saw the baby. She had just been asking the tree for a baby for her and her fairy husband. The surprised fairy brought the baby home and she was raised as one of the fairy folk.
   The Sylvans no longer remember their family origins. They have no idea why they have strange hair and like most people they do not even believe in fairies. But since moving to the woods, Clementine sometimes has odd dreams. In them she is living in a different time. All of her friends are sprite fairies that glimmer in the sun and dance instead of walk. In her dreams she see's the strangest and most beautiful animals. She wanders with the animals and fairies through the woods. In one of the dreams she leans down over a still lake to have a drink. She sees her refelction in the still water. But her reflection is not her own. It is a reflection of another girl, but this girl has leaf hair too. 


Mohala Johnson said...

I really like this, I can't wait to see more ^.^

Amber said...

Thanks Mohala! I am excited to make more.

Sarah said...

This is such a beautiful painting! I love her leaf hair. Also, I really enjoyed reading the imaginative story you wrote. Looking forward to seeing more from this series! :)

Amber said...

Thanks so much Sarah!