Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Science and Speculation

   A couple of months ago I went to he Pacific Science Center with a group of friends. One of my friends had a free pass for himself and three friends and I was one of the lucky beneficiary of this free pass. The Pacific Science Center really is more targeted for children but it was still fun to wander around. The butterfly room was especially impressive.

Meg and I observe the odd opticals with enthusiasm. 
Half of Pete
Beach Ball Head
The Brain Exposed
Ferris Wheel Miniature 
Gigantic Praying Mantis!!
Occupants of the Butterfly Room
On the fence
Bryan Rides a Caterpillar 
   Speaking of science, I learned about an interesting, NON-scientifically proven phenomenon called Street Light Interference Phenomenon. This is when a person seems to turn on or off street lights or other outdoor lighting just by walking past or under the light. It is the type of thing I can definitely imagine happening to a character on X-files. Many skeptics think people who claim to have SLI are just wishful thinkers who attribute common streetlight flickering to claims of paranormal powers. People who believe that have SLI say they have no power over the lights turning on or off, thus the phenomenon cannot be repeated in a lab. I can imagine it being really irritating to have SLI. Imagine walking home from the bus stop late at night and every time you get near a street light it turns off. Creepy!
  The SLI phenomenon is related to something else called the Pauli effect. The Pauli effect is when mechanical equipment stops working in the presence of certain people. Since I have already referenced the X-Files, I might as well reference the Twilight Zone. The Pauli effect reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode about a crotchety old man who loathes both humans and machines. His great hate of machines leads him to behave in an abusive manner toward the machinery in his house. Eventually he becomes convinced that the machinery in his house is purposely conspiring against him! The technology in his house is not behaving in an expected way (similar to suffers of the Pauli effect). Anyone would rightly believe that the angry old-timer was stark raving mad. But he was right, the machines were out to get him! This machine hating man would be especially unhappy to live in the modern day. Our lives are so much more intertwined with technological devices and machinery now than in the early sixties. Imagine what that man would think of a smart phone!


Mohala Johnson said...

Looks like a day full of fun! Great pictures, thanks for sharing them. I will definitely add this to places to visit someday ^.~

Amber said...

Thanks! It was a day full of fun. :)