Sunday, September 16, 2012

Plants I Have Known.

   I love plants. They make any space more beautiful. When I was in college, the school I went to had a huge and beautiful greenhouse to explore. At the entrance there were always plants for sale. The plants were always really odd plants with strange colored leaves or covered with fur. They were only five dollars per plant and the payment went by the honor system. I bought so many of those plants, but they have all since died... I was a footloose and fancy free college student at the time, after all. But I have found lots of other beautiful plants since then.

  My friend Anne made the crocheted succulents. I love them both! She is very talented at both knitting and crocheting.

   I took this picture a couple of months ago. The appendage part of the pale green succulent in the aqua pot has since grown even larger!

 Lavender and a wheat-like weed. When I was little, my friends and I would tear apart these kinds of weeds to throw at each other like many arrows.

  I have a bunch of succulents in teacups. I love the idea of teacups because they are so beautiful and dainty. But whenever I drink tea I like huge mugs worth of tea, so I never use my teacup collection. So I have given my teacups the new job of being tiny pots for my tiny succulents. The succulents have done great in these teacups and have flourished on the sunny windowsill. The pink rose teacup I got from a thrift store, but the rest I got from my mom.

 I planted these Shasta Daisies last year but so late in the year that they never bloomed. They survived the chilly winter and bloomed this summer.  

  This is a weed bouquet I picked from my yard. Weeds may be irritating with their persistence and adaptability, but their beauty is underrated. Many weeds make great bouquets!

    Here are small floral specimens for the top of the bookcase.


Mohala Johnson said...

I too love plants, I have a house plant I got on clearance that is now overtaking my bookshelf! I forget to water him from time to time but he seems to enjoy being here so he just keeps on

Amber said...

I forget to water mine sometimes too, but they are resilient little plants! I love finding plants on clearance or for cheap. Some of my succulents I got for only three dollars and it feels like a treat to get a plant for so little money.