Sunday, September 30, 2012

From the Window, Part Three

   I definitely prefer the window seat on an airplane ride, even if it does make for a slightly more claustrophobic traveling experience  It is amazing to see the world from so high up.  I was told that in the 'olden days' people would dress up in their best clothes to go on an airplane ride. Luckily now it is acceptable to where cozy and unflattering clothes for an airplane flight.

  I looked up 'Interesting Aviation Facts' on google in hopes that I would find some interesting knowledge tid-bits to go along with my airplane pictures. Well, the word 'interesting' is definitely subjective. But I did learn something very interesting, whose existence is up for debate. According to some, there is a phenomenon called ball lightening that forms inside planes and rolls down the aisle way. Scary! Flying is stressful enough without having to worry about balls of lightening rolling about the plane. But apparently no airplane lightening balls have harmed anyone. Ball lightening is not unique to airplane aisles. Throughout history their has been reports of ball lightening sightings. They vary in size from pea-sized to half a foot long. Lightening balls last longer than a strike of lightening and some say they explode instead of disperse away. But just like traditional lightening, lightening balls are seen when thunderstorms are present.  (Info found here and here.)


Mohala Johnson said...

Would you believe I have never heard of lighting balls? That is very interesting indeed. Lovely pictures as well. lol

Amber said...

I would definitely believe it- I'd never heard of them before too. Although they sound cool to see, as long as there is a lot of distance between me and the lightening ball. I certainly do not want to see on in the plane I'm occupying.