Friday, September 21, 2012

Floral Saints and Paper Moons

  Here are some photos from my visit to Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa is very proud of one of their formal residents, Charles Shultz. Peanut character statues are scattered throughout downtown Santa Rosa. I know this from previous trips and did not see any of these statues this time, so I have not Peanut character photos. But, besides the statues there are other interesting things to see in Santa Rosa.

  I recently re-watched the movie "Paper Moon." It was even better than I remember. It is a movie about a feisty young girl named Addie and a con-man named Moses traveling to St. Louis in the guise of a bible salesman and his daughter. Along the way they have many misadventures involving cops, criminals, and husband hunting beauties. The movie revolves a lot around the friendship that evolves between Moses and his maybe-daughter Addie. Both characters are stubborn and clever and sometimes their personalities work against their friendship and sometimes their personalities work to strengthen their friendship. Moses first sees Addie as a nuisance, but her wit and charisma transforms her from annoying little kid to confidant and co-conspirator. It really is a sweet, funny and beautiful movie. 

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