Monday, September 24, 2012

Blackberry Delights!

  This summer the blackberry bush in front of my home was very abundant with delicious berries. I made three different baked goods with blackberries I picked from the bush.

Branch of the fruitful blackberry bush. 
Just a small portion of the many blackberries I picked throughout the summer. 
Blackberry closeup! 
   First I made scones. I really love scones but this was the first time I attempted to make them myself. I was very happy with the result. I got the recipe from the website Inspired Taste. I've browsed through more of this website and have seen many pictures of other delicious food. I'm sure I'll visit this website again for further recipe direction not only because I was pleased with the scone recipe but I like the authors enthusiasm for cooking and food.

Pre-baked Scones
Scones with iced coffee... a delicious pairing
 A single scone
   The next recipe I made was for muffins. I had never had blackberry muffins before but blueberry muffins are quite popular, so why would other berry muffins not be equally enticing? I go the blackberry muffin recipe at Simply Recipes. While searching for a blackberry muffin recipe, I kept running into very complicated recipes. I was feeling lazy the day I made these and did not feel like heading to the grocery store to shop for ingredients. So I chose this recipe because I had all the ingredients. My laziness did not steer me wrong though because these muffins turned out tasty.

Blackberry muffin.
  The last thing I decided to make was a blackberry pie. I really enjoy making pies but have made mostly apple pies so I was happy to try something knew. I prefer berry pies to apple pies so my taste buds were excited for this variation on my normal pie baking habits.  This recipe was a mash up of several recipes and my own heavy handed tweaking, so I can't give an accurate link to the recipe. Instead of using pie crust on top of the pie, I used a crumble made of brown sugar and butter. The crust was made from an old family recipe. It is the only old family recipe I have. The blackberries were mixed with flour and sugar. After thoroughly scavenging my small kitchen I could not find my pie dish anywhere so I improvised and used a cake pan instead.

Pie in the cake pan
A single slice of blackberry pie
   Last week I went outside to the blackberry bush. I had a new baked delight in mind- blackberry brownies! But my plans were rudely ruined by the lack of blackberries growing on the bush. I had to come to terms with the stark reality that summer is now over. I will have to wait till next year to start picking blackberries again. 


Mohala Johnson said...

Looks delicious!

Amber said...

Thanks. They were all very tasty. Hooray for blackberries!