Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bird Girls Anouk and Elodie.

     Anouk lives deep in the woods where all the trees are covered with moss and the ground is covered with decaying leaves and lacy ferns. In the mornings Anouk picks up fallen tree branches and dances like a tree swaying in the wind. The birds swoop from the sky and tree tops and land in her branches. They flap their dainty wings and feathers flutter down and land in Anouks hair.

   Elodie lives in a land like ours except that while some birds have bird heads with beaks, other birds have heads of pretty little people. People-birds are far more rare and bird watchers feel thrilled when they spot a person-bird. Like all people-birds, Elodie can sing in the chirp of a bird or in the voice of a human. Elodie loves to fly around the world. She makes up songs about all the things she sees, weather it is the landscape, the animals or the people.


Bridget McAlonan said...

I love your bird girls and I also love your blog!

Amber said...

Thanks so much, Bridget!