Friday, August 17, 2012

Henrietta Hopes the Sea Monster Will Learn the Error of His Ship Meddling Ways

     Henrietta curses the day she fell in love with a sailor, but the heart knows no logic. While her sailor explores the dangerous seas, Henrietta stays on the sandy shores. But the seas near her home are occupied by a large and mischievous sea monster. He is not a blood thirsty sea monster, but he gets an inoridant amount of joy from picking up ships and flinging them around in the sky. Henrietta worries about the mental state of her poor sailor and the rest of the sailors if confronted with the sea monster. She is tired of living a life of inaction and has decided she must devise a plan to teach the sea monster to stop meddling in the fragile lives of human sailors.
    Henrietta has spent so much time gazing longingly at the sea in hopes of seeing her sailors ship. All of this time spent at the shore has given her ample opportunity to befriend the sea birds. She always brought bread crumbs with her to the shore, so befriending the sea birds was an easy task. Henrietta told the sea birds about her predicament with the sea monster and this is when she shared her plan. Whenever the sea monster picked up a ship, Henrietta proposes that thousands of sea birds should descend upon the sea monster, landing on his delicate head. They should then peck at his head until he stopped toying with the ship. The sea birds agreed to this plan. They too are tired of the sea monster because he scares ships away from landing on the shores. The sea birds quite enjoy visits from ships because it means they get to swoop down to the decks and nibble from the fish and other delights brought in by the sailors. Now, they just have to wait to see if the plan will work.


PiaD said...

I love your style, stories and images together, they give a special sort of otherworldly feeling. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!

Angela said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :-) I look forward to seeing how Henrietta's plan works! :-)

Amber said...

PiaD and Angela... thank you both!