Monday, August 6, 2012

Fremont and Baby Ducks

    Here are some photos I took while in Fremont and at the Sunday Fremont Market. It was the day after the Solstice Parade so it was an extra special Fremont Market. The Solstice Parade is a celebration of the summer solstice. People dress in wacky clothing and make floats and parade through Fremont. There is also a naked bicycle ride in which people paint their naked bodies almost like a painted on costume and proceed to ride their bikes as a mass herd. Some people find this to be very offensive. I think it's awesome! People are very creative in the ways they paint themselves, plus I admire their boldness.

    The other day while at work I met a kindly man doing woodwork on a boat. His name was Rusty, and he had rusty colored hair and a rusty colored mustache the shape of a walruses droopy jowl. He had the type of voice that sounds like it originates from just below the throat rather than deep inside the chest like most voices. Rusty had a great love for the ducks that swim around the lake. When I met him he had a family of ducks huddled around him. He threw them crumbled bits of chips and we watched the baby ducks and their mother nibbling at the chips. Sometimes the ducks would dive three or four feet down to catch the bits of chips that were drifting toward the bottom of the lake. I liked Rusty's enthusiasm for the baby ducks because it matched my own. Often men of his generation are not excited by baby animals... or at least they pretend not be excited by baby animals. But Rusty had a great appreciation for those little ducks.

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