Friday, August 3, 2012

Dragons, Raccoons and Bats, Oh My!

  A couple of weeks ago my friend Ces and I went to a street fair in the international district. It was called 'Dragon Fest' or something similiar to that. We ate vegetarian steamed buns and fried bananas. We did a lot of people watching but Ces and I also watched a break dancing troupe and a parade of dragons. The streets were not closed down for the dragons, so cars just swerved around them.

  Around my house I have seen several signs that say "Beware! Aggressive raccoon pack spotted in area!" I'm sure whoever has run into this aggressive raccoon pack found the experience only terrifying and not at all funny,  but the signs crack me up every time I see them. I imagine a pack of rough-and-tumble raccoons wandering the streets late at night. They all have scraggly fur, and a couple of them have parts of their ears missing and maybe one, the toughest and most aggressive raccoon, has his tail missing. Clutched in their little paws are nunchucks and ninja stars.  If anyone even looks at them the wrong way they snarl until the onlooker scampers away and the raccoons bust into merry yet sinister laughter. So far, I have not encountered this aggressive raccoon pack, although there are two raccoons that live in my yard. But they seem sweet, although a bit stand-offish.
  Shortly before I moved I saw similiar signs around my college library.  But instead of aggressive raccoons, we were warned to beware of rabid bats. Somehow, the college library had become home to several rabid bats. Again, I'm sure the students who encountered these rabid bats found nothing amusing about the situations. But libraries are suppose to be peaceful and safe places, so there's something amusing about imagings these bats. I imagined them hiding between two books placed clumsily on the shelf. Or hanging upside down from the bottom of computer desks. Then, a student trying to get away from his loud and drunk roommate heads to the library for some peace and quiet, only to be accosted by an out of control bat!

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