Thursday, July 26, 2012

Views from the Window, Part Two

  Here are some pictures of San Jose (and the area around San Jose) as seen from the window of the car. The color scheme of San Jose during the summer is tan and blue and a bit of green. There are rolling hills surrounding San Jose and during the summer the grass turns tan and crunchy. These hills are beautiful in the spring when the grass is green. It is wonderful to take hikes through the hills to see the wildflowers and oak trees.

   Today when I went outside to get the mail, a huge and fluffy husky dog came bounding toward me. When he got to me he did a little doggy dance ( jumping around and wiggling back and forth) and then he let me pet his big head. He very gently jumped up on me so his paws were almost to my shoulders. I've heard that when dogs do this it is because they are trying to assert their dominance, but I still take it has a dog hug. His person called for him to come back and he went running off. He was very sweet and I was not having the best of days. It is amazing how a random encounter with a friendly animal can really cheer a person up.

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