Thursday, June 21, 2012

This Old Duck

I like how marinas are always full off fake birds. Most of the fake birds are owls meant to intimidate smaller, live birds. But I also saw this old duck floating next to a boat:

Here is an intimidating owl, with his sinister wide eyed stare:

Yesterday, I saw something odd: A man jogging (for exercise, not escape) with no shoes on!!! I live in a city so there's glass and spit and wads of sticky gum on the sidewalks. This man is either brave or foolish in regards to the protection of his feet. But probably, he knows something I don't about a new running fad. Athletic people are always surprising me with all sorts of newfangled ideas about improving their athletic experience. For instance- running skirts. Instead of running in shorts, I see many women running in athletic looking skirts. I know there must be some reason that people choose to run in skirts, but I do not know the reason. I am curious though. Maybe the skirt is more comfortable to run in because it is airy. Or maybe these women want to feel feminine despite unattractive huffing and puffing from being out of breath and sweat soaking their clothes. Another odd sports related accessory I saw recently was a really long and pointy bike helmet. It looked like a pterodactyl head. I imagine it is for the improvement of aerodynamics of the bicyclist.
If the barefoot jogger isn't part of a new trend in running then I think he is writing a book about living life barefoot. He decided to spend a year barefoot and is going to chronicle his experience. He will encourage people to abandon shoes so they can feel the wonderful, freeing feelings that a barefoot can provide- grass between your toes, warm cement on a sunny day, or autumn leaves crunching under the soles of your feet. He will be interviewed on NPR and he will go on a book tour where he will continue to remain shoeless. When I was in college, I use to know a guy who went everywhere barefoot. This was quite the feat (excuse the pun..har har) because the town we lived in was very rainy. That was several years ago though, and he is probably wearing shoes now, but you never know.


Dorien Ruben said...

Barefoot running is a thing! And just 'barefooting', too. It's healthy and you get a free foot-massage everyday ;) (depends on the road)
I just don't like shoes..

Amber said...

So it is a thing! Thank you for confirming this for me. Next time I see a barefoot jogger I will not be so surprised. I like your description of a 'free foot-massage.' I can imagine walking in the mud barefoot on a rainy day could be pretty fun.